Meet Featured Artist Soheila Amin

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Hey everyone meet featured artist Soheila Amin. A young artist at Humboldt State University who enjoys snowboarding, reading, and writing, but whose biggest passion is art.  She has been drawing since the age of 16 and focuses on inspiring others to self-create. Blackbook Sessions was honored to speak to her and name her as one of our Scholarship recipients due to her hard work and dedication.  To see more of Soheila’s art after reading this, visit her Facebook page at

Black Book Team: Which of your artworks is your favorite and why?

Soheila: “Forever,” it won “Best of Show in Blackbook Sessions 2010”. It represents the connection between Matthew Herring and I, and how our hearts are tied together no matter what. It’s a mixed media piece made of oil, water, and acrylic paint, paper ma’che, and a chain linking two hearts together. Matthew Herring is a great friend, and inspired me to go after my passion in art. He believes in me and my dreams. We both have shared moments of getting lost in the process of creating art, together.

"Forever" by Soheila Amin

Black Book Team: What’s the inspiration for most of your artwork and why?

Soheila: Feelings, emotions, and music. I crank all of them up at the same time and just go. Just create! Art doesn’t need to look like anything. My art is a representation of who I am on the inside. Art is my process of self-expression, releasing feelings, and emotions. To me, it serves as self-therapy and a reflection of life.

Black Book Team: What does art mean to you?

Soheila: Art is my life. My life is my art. It’s not something that is separate to me. I engage in, and create my art, just as I create my own life. I will always do art in many forms, changing mediums as experiences shape me and my perceptions. There are no limits when it comes to creating myself. I’m always working on projects, and it’s never going to end. My art is my life, my heart- it’s me.

Black Book Team: How long have you been drawing for? How did you get started?

Soheila:  I always enjoyed drawing and doing art projects in school. It was always in me, but I had one moment in my life when I was sixteen, that I realized that I could use art to heal myself, through my troubles. As I get older I plan to use art to help others, perhaps by working as an Art Therapist. It’s a super rewarding feeling to give back to the community, through giving my time, and offering my knowledge of art. I can go many different directions, from advocating for art education, creating city murals, or teaching to help others express themselves with art. Why not do them all, right?!

Black Book Team: Where do you see your artwork taking you in 5 years?

Soheila: Over the next 5 years, I will be studying intensively, and developing my message to encourage more conscious awakening on this earth. I will do this through mural creating, and organizing creative community gatherings. I can see my opportunities growing by collaborating with other artists, and making connections with leaders of organizations that have similar values as mine. I will give my time to help kids to maintain the idea in their minds of just letting go through art-making, and believing in themselves and their dreams. Most people set aside their ability to just let go as they get older, due to fear or judgment. Everyone deserves a healthy escape that brings them joy. It may not be through markers and paint, but everyone deserves to feel that passion for a certain hobby, and I encourage them to make time to do that. They owe it to themselves. 

To see what she is currently up to, check out her Facebook Art page at