Meet Featured Artist Janelly Barragan

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Hello everyone, not only is Janelly Barragan a featured artist she is also a former grant winner.


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Black Book Team: Which of your artworks is your favorite? Why?

Janelly: My favorite artwork would definitely have to be the painting of myself with my parents. It was a symbol of how much they have cared for me and put me through. It really means a lot to them and myself, so it would only make sense that it is my favorite. I wanted to give them thanks though this piece, it was the piece that I spent the most time on 88 hours to be exact and learned the most from. It was a way to show them that I appreciate everything they’ve done for me and my siblings. They’re just very amazing parents, they taught us to be hardworking, respectful, and expressive, because of that we are a close knit family and I am who I am today.

Black Book Team: What’s the inspiration for most of your artwork? Why?

Janelly: What inspires me is realism, I’m motivated by what I see and it pushes me to try to recreate it in paint or on paper. I enjoy learning from every project, as an artist you discover what your weaknesses are and you find ways to work through them. Seeing my growth from one project to another is an amazing thing. My painting teacher always said that if you don’t learn anything or progress, it means that you are stuck are bored with what you’re doing.

Black Book Team: What does art mean to you?

Janelly: Art is a way to create something so complex just from something as simple as a thought or emotion. It could mean anything, and technically anything that comes from your mind is art. It could be something you copy and put a twist on or an original concept. Art tells the viewer a story whether it be the mood, something about the artist, or there could be no single story; it could be left up to the interpretation of the viewer.

Black Book Team: How long have you been drawing for? How did you get started?

Janelly: I have been drawing for approximately 10 years. What got me started was that growing up I had a cousin who was a few years older than I was and he was a very talented artist. He’d hang his works on the wall and I admired them. He was very dedicated and seeing how hard he worked inspired me. From then on he’d give me pointers and suggestions as to which mediums I could try next. Then when I got into college a professor of mine, Mr.  Hajop Najarian, pushed me further, and was even more helpful with advice.

Black Book Team: Where do you see your artwork taking you in 5 years?

Janelly: In five years I hope to be fusing my two loves; music and art. I would like to see myself doing logos or cd covers for all sorts of bands. For the most part I would like to be a freelance illustrator, be my own boss and follow my own guidelines. Also I would like to see such a great improvement that I wouldn’t even believe it was my own art.