BBS 19 @ Inner-City Arts

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Hi Everyone! Our next event coming up on Saturday, the 20th of September will be hosted by Inner-City Arts!

We are so excited to be having our 19th Black Book Sessions event at such an amazing campus.  Please feel free to bring the family and join us for another fun-filled day of the arts and bringing the community together..


Inner-City Arts’ mission is to use arts education to positively affect the lives of LA’s youth, improving their chances to lead productive and fulfilling lives by developing creativity, expanding learning skills and building self-confidence. Founded in 1989, Inner-City Arts is a learning oasis in the heart of Downtown LA. Under the guidance of professional teaching artists, Inner-City Arts’ students engage in a variety of visual and performing art forms in a real studio setting. Services include core classes during the instructional day for K-8 students, afterschool and weekend workshops for middle school and high school students, and creativity-based professional development training for educators.


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