2013 Black Book Sessions Educational Grant Winners

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Every Donation Counts

There are three things we believe you can do with talent: explore, ignore, or support. We as a creative community choose to support talent by empowering young artists to continue following their dreams. Each year Black Book Sessions awards young artists with an Educational Grant that helps pay either part of their tuition, books, or art supplies. This years talented winners are:

Soheila Amin – Awarded with $5,000 for Humboldt University.

Enrique Salgado – Awarded with $3,000 for school tuition.

Janelly Barragan – Awarded with $1,000 credit at the Art Supply Warehouse.

Joseph Rivera – Awarded with $1,000 credit at the Art Supply Warehouse.

 Both contributors and sponsors who share the passion for mentoring, inspiring, and promoting young creative talent through Black Book Sessions provide the funding for these Educational Grants. Award amounts vary each year and without contributors, donations, and sponsors this program would not exist.

For more information on how to become a part or eligible for an Educational Grant stay tuned on our upcoming events.


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