Black Book Sessions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit org committed to empowering & inspiring young creative minds.

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Viva La Muxer Event

Black Book Sessions will be making an appearance at the Viva La Muxer event Saturday, March 11th 2017. We will be providing an art and gardening workshop. Shout out to Pacific Coast Landscape and Design for providing our gardening materials!! We are excited to be supporting this benefit event for Las Fotos Project in celebrating…


Design your own art on a cookie contest!

Horchateria Rio Luna + Black Book Sessions are joining forces and proudly present “Galletas Y Arte” (Cookies & Art)  design your own art on a cookie contest! “Black Book Sessions is a traveling creative group connecting the youth of local Southern California communities.” Submit your artwork with your best interpretation of “Amor”. Porque que dulce…


Order a Mezgroni!

Negroni Week launched in 2013 as a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes around the world. Proceeds of every MEZGRONI at Urbana from June 6-12 will go toward Black Book Sessions.  Happy hour celebration and raffles will take place Friday, June 10th at 7-11pm….


Jackie Boyz & Friends Pre Grammy Awards Red Carpet Event

Announcing the Performers for the Jackie Boyz & Friends Pre Grammy Awards Red Carpet Event on Friday, January 24th at Station at W Hollywood! Live Performances by Jaden Michaels, Julca Brothers, Girl Radical, Wayne Brady and the Jackie Boyz! DJs include Party Favor and Michael Benz. — with Ryan Thomas, Jenny Silva, The Jackie Boyz,Manny Streetz and Taylor Gunnin.

Every Donation Counts

2013 Black Book Sessions Educational Grant Winners

There are three things we believe you can do with talent: explore, ignore, or support. We as a creative community choose to support talent by empowering young artists to continue following their dreams. Each year Black Book Sessions awards young artists with an Educational Grant that helps pay either part of their tuition, books, or…


BBS 24 @ Next up Foundation

  Feel free to print our flyer and pass the info in your neighborhood! We appreciate everyone’s support! Thank you!


Annual BBS Art Sale / The Collective

Each Black Book Session is offered as a free event and made possible by in-kind donations of supplies, time, and financial contributions. Our success over the past years have been shared with many great contributors. Our goal is to mentor young talented artists, provide internship opportunities and award college grants and/or scholarships. Together, we can…


Makossa LA Cookout /B.B.S. Fundraiser

This saturday! Come out and get down at the livest backyard boogie, Makossa L.A. Cookout 827, Brooklyn’s funkiest party now on the west coast! Viva La Art! will be there with the unstoppable Nora Ann-Francis Martin-Hall ( live painting our collective faces off. Catch some of the original Makossa Brooklyn Cookout DJs as well as…


Mezcal y Fiesta

Real de Oaxaca Restaurant is proud to present a Mezcal Y Fiesta event benefiting Black Book Sessions. We will have live music, live artist painting, event T-shirts, event prints and artwork for sale. 100% of the proceeds will be for Black Book Sessions. Black Book Sessions is a non-profit organization committed to empowering and inspiring…


Artist Spotlight: José Zelaya

    Bio: José Zelaya was born in San Miguel, El Salvador. Since he was little he had a passion for art and drawing. Living in a country with an ongoing war was part of the inspiration he had to his drawings; it was normal to see gunfights in the streets, burning buildings or helicopters…


Artist Spotlight: KEN RUZIC

Black Book is privileged to have Ken Ruzic on the bill of Hybrid artists showcasing his art at the Hybrid Art Collective this Saturday May 2nd at Bo Bridges gallery in Manhattan Beach! Ruzic, a self-taught fine artist, former marine, and world traveler began his artistic career twenty-five years ago.  Since he was a kid,…


Artist Spotlight: PAUL ORTEGA

   Southern California artist Paul Ortega started drawing at an early age. He would mimic cartoons and comic strips from the Sunday newspaper. Building on his artistic skills he continued by earning his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from California State Fullerton with a degree in Graphic Design. “Since all my graphic design classes were so…

1 Best Support An Artist Can Have 2013

Meet Featured Artist Janelly Barragan

Hello everyone, not only is Janelly Barragan a featured artist she is also a former grant winner.   Follow her at: Facebook: Janelly Barragάn Pinterest: Janelly Barragάn Twitter: imma_winner_bby Instagram: imma_loser_bby   Black Book Team: Which of your artworks is your favorite? Why? Janelly: My favorite artwork would definitely have to be the painting of myself with…

"Forever" by Soheila Amin

Meet Featured Artist Soheila Amin

Hey everyone meet featured artist Soheila Amin. A young artist at Humboldt State University who enjoys snowboarding, reading, and writing, but whose biggest passion is art.  She has been drawing since the age of 16 and focuses on inspiring others to self-create. Blackbook Sessions was honored to speak to her and name her as one of our Scholarship…