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Black Book Sessions 18 and the ArtExchange

Greetings everyone. As you may or may not know, Black Book Sessions 18 will be hosted by the ArtExchange this Saturday, the 22nd of March. So what is the ArtExchange all about? Well keep reading, the wonderful Nicolassa Galvez breaks it all down.   Hello Niko. Could you tell us a little bit more about ArtExchange?…

1 Best Support An Artist Can Have 2013

Meet Featured Artist Janelly Barragan

Hello everyone, not only is Janelly Barragan a featured artist she is also a former grant winner.   Follow her at: Facebook: Janelly Barragάn Pinterest: Janelly Barragάn Twitter: imma_winner_bby Instagram: imma_loser_bby   Black Book Team: Which of your artworks is your favorite? Why? Janelly: My favorite artwork would definitely have to be the painting of myself with…

"Forever" by Soheila Amin

Meet Featured Artist Soheila Amin

Hey everyone meet featured artist Soheila Amin. A young artist at Humboldt State University who enjoys snowboarding, reading, and writing, but whose biggest passion is art.  She has been drawing since the age of 16 and focuses on inspiring others to self-create. Blackbook Sessions was honored to speak to her and name her as one of our Scholarship…